5 x DIY Essential Oil Sprays for a Happy, Healthy Home!

If you’re familiar with our previous blog posts, you should already know how much we advocate the incredible benefits of essential oils. With literally hundreds of essential oils available, each oil has its own unique properties and can be used to assist with a range of health issues, weight loss, household cleaning and more.

Essential oils are generally applied topically, ingested, or inhaled via a diffuser. But today we’re talking about some simple blends that can be used to create essential oil sprays for throughout the home!

Why make essential oil sprays?

Making your own essential oil sprays is an incredibly cost effective way to make your essential oils last longer. Diluting essential oils with water to create a homemade spray allows you to really maximise the life of your oils - and they can also be packaged up as a great gift idea for somebody you love!

Essential oil sprays are about more than just a nice fragrance - different blends can help with everything from reducing stress and anxiety, to improving sleep and even helping to prevent head lice.

How do you make your own essential oil sprays?

Creating your own essential oil sprays is simple. First, you’ll need a selection of small 60ml spray bottles for your different blends. Next, you’ll need something to emulsify the oils and distribute them evenly, so add a small pinch of Epsom salt to each bottle before going any further.

After you have added your emulsifier, simply add the required drops of your essential oils (we’ve listed our favourite blends below!). Give the bottle a swirl to mix the oils and the salt, and then fill the remainder of the spray bottle with distilled water and shake to combine!

So now that you know how to make your own essential oil sprays, here are some blends that are perfectly suited for a happy home!

Odor-removing spray

Use this spray to remove any odours or unwanted smells around the home!

12 x drops Wild Orange

6 x drops Lavender

6 x drops Lemon

Head lice prevention spray

Spray this blend liberally over scalps, hair brushes, backpacks and collars to help prevent a head lice outbreak.

5 x drops Melaleuca

5 x drops Eucalyptus

5 x drops Rosemary

Sleep-assisting spray

Use this spray on pillows before bed for a better sleep.

10 x drops Lavender

10 x drops Chamomile

10 x drops Cedarwood

Surface cleaning spray

Use this spray for your household cleaning to remove germs and bacteria.

12 x drops Lemon

8 x drops Melaleuca

4 x drops Oregano

Energy-boosting spray

Use this spray when you need a little pick-me-up during the day!

15 x drops Grapefruit

5 x drops Lavender

5 x drops White Fir

So start experimenting until you have a selection of essential oil sprays on-hand for a happy, healthy home! Whether you keep them for yourself or use them as a gift idea for loved ones, essential oil sprays are the perfect solution to make your oils last a little longer.

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