How Himalayan Salt can help with Bone Health, Depression and Weight Loss

With all the wonderful ways that Himalayan Salt can help you improve your health and well being, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Himalayan salt has magical powers.. it can certainly feel that way when you see difficult skin conditions clear up after a few days, or you suddenly sleep through the night after years of disturbed sleep patterns.

But the secret behind Himalayan salt’s amazing powers isn’t something mysterious or magical - the power of this great substance comes from the 84 minerals and trace elements found in Himalayan salt.

Last week on the Inspire Me blog we talked about which of those minerals and trace elements help you support your heart health, and improve skin conditions. This week we’ll be delving into the specific ways that Himalayan salt can help you boost your bone health, ease depression and support your weight loss goals.

How Does Himalayan Salt Support Bone Health?

Calcium - We all know that calcium is essential for strong teeth and bones, and we all know you can find it in milk and cheese, but Himalayan salt is also rich in calcium. Calcium is important, not just for the development of bones, but for maintaining bone health.

Chromium - Chromium slows the loss of calcium in your body, which helps prevent bone loss, particularly in women during menopause.

Magnesium - Magnesium is crucial for bone structure and strength. Magnesium protects bone density by drawing calcium away from your blood and tissues and toward your bones.

How Does Himalayan Salt Ease Depression?

Depression has been linked to a number of mineral deficiencies within the body - the most notable of which include: Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Iron, Manganese and Potassium, ALL OF WHICH are found in Himalayan salt.

How Does Himalayan Salt Assist With Weight Loss?

Iron - Iron deficiency is the most common mineral deficiency, particularly in the developed world. Irom helps your red blood cells to carry oxygen around your body, so if you’re suffering from an iron deficiency you will be chronically fatigued, resulting in higher calorie consumption to get you through the day, and inadequate energy levels, making exercise more difficult.

Chromium - As well as assisting with bone health, chromium assists with weight loss by balancing blood sugar, changing how the body stores carbs, and helping to eliminate cravings.

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