Himalayan salt lamps: 3 amazing benefits for a healthy home

Himalayan salt lamps are becoming more and more popular, with many people now discovering the incredible benefits of introducing these natural lamps into their homes and workplaces. If you don’t already own a Himalayan salt lamp, you may be wondering what they do and how they work. There are a handful of health and wellness benefits that come hand in hand with Himalayan salt lamps, but here are a few of our favourites!

Himalayan salt lamps purify the air

Air purification is one of the most widely recognised benefits of owning a Himalayan salt lamp. But how does it work? Well, Himalayan salt lamps are a natural hygroscopic which means they attract and absorb water molecules from their environment. In doing so, they also absorb any foreign materials like dust or smoke that may be present in the surrounding air.

Here’s where the magic happens: due to the Himalayan salt lamp being warmed up from the inside, the absorbed water then evaporates back into the air - but any foreign materials remain trapped inside the lamp. The salt lamp is essentially recycling your air for you and evaporating only the cleanest, freshest air back into your environment without any of the nasties!

This is especially helpful for people that may suffer from asthma or allergies due to pollutants in the air. If this is something you struggle with, consider introducing a Himalayan salt lamp to the rooms of your household where you notice your symptoms the most!

Himalayan salt lamps can improve sleeping patterns

Sleepless nights, sleepless kids - we’ve all been there and it can cause stress and anxiety for many families. A Himalayan salt lamp in the bedroom might be the answer you’ve been looking for, due to a couple of reasons.

The first reason is that salt lamps naturally generate negative ions to balance out the positive ions. Positive ions basically occur when we are overexposed to things like electronic devices throughout our home. Overexposure to positive ions can have some not so great health impacts… including insomnia and poor sleeping patterns.

Himalayan salt lamps help to counteract these positive ions with the negative ions that they naturally generate. Reducing your exposure to positive ions can help you get your sleeping patterns back to normal.

The second reason Himalayan salt lamps can help with sleep is due to the soft amber glow that they emit. Many children are scared of the dark resulting in anxiety at bedtime, but a Himalayan salt lamp is actually the perfect night-light! The amber glow that is emitted helps create a warm and cosy environment to assist with better sleep. Take it a step further with an essential oil diffuser to diffuse lavender oil in the bedroom too!

Himalayan salt lamps can boost your mood and energy levels

If you ever find yourself feeling dull or fatigued at home, you’ll be pleased to know that Himalayan salt lamps can help boost your mood and increase your energy levels!

Once again it comes down to those negative ions that are naturally generated through the lamps. Many studies have found that increased exposure to negative ions helps with feeling energised and refreshed.

Think about how you feel when you are outside in the environment, amongst fresh air or down at the beach - you feel “switched on” and more energetic due to the negative ions that are found outdoors. Himalayan salt lamps help recreate this feeling indoors in your very own home!

So if you haven’t already embraced the many health benefits of Himalayan salt lamps then why not introduce one into your household today (we have one in every room!).

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