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Acrylic Dipping DIY air dry Kit

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AIR DRY Acrylic Dipping KIT - Strong nails in no time!

NO need for a nail lamp. Fast air drying, colourful nails!

An AIR DRY DIP SYSTEM that can be used for tips/extensions and also as an overlay on natural nails.

It's easy to use and easy to remove.

Kit includes:

  • 5x 10ml bottles: #1 Primer, #2 Base Coat, #3 Activator, #4 Top Coat, #5 Brush Saver.
  • 5x Acrylic Powders 10g.
  • 1x File, 1x Dust brush and 2x Replacement brushes.
Acrylic Air Dry Dipping System ~ How to use: 1. Sanitise hands, push the cuticles back, and use the nail file to shape and remove the shine from the nails. 2. Apply #1 Primer on top of each nail. 3. Apply #2 Base Coat and DIP in the Acrylic Powder of your choice. 4. Brush off the excess powder with soft brush. 5. Repeat and Apply #2 Base Coat a second time and DIP again in the Acrylic Powder of your choice. Then brush off the excess powder with a soft brush. 6. Apply #3 Activator and let it dry and set hard. 7. Refine the nails by filing them to get a smooth surface. Brush off the dust, and re-apply the #3 Activator again and let it dry set hard. 8. Apply #4 Top Coat and let it dry. Repeat again by reapplying the #4 Top Coat a 2nd time and let dry. 9. Grab #5 Brush Saver and use by dipping the other bottle brushes inside #5 bottle to clean #1,#2,#3 & #4 brushes. 10. After use always keep your brushes inside their bottles, close airtight, keep bottles upright and stored out of Sunlight. Congratulations, and enjoy your Kit from NSI Australia. 

🚩💡Important tips:
  • A proper nail Preparation ~ as always, it's a must do for any nail services for adhesion

Do not leave your bottle opened too long, do not leave your brush-on-cap outside their respective bottle too long or the adhesive ingredients in those formulas will dry out too quickly.


💡TIP: Work quickly with the bottles containing adhesive ingredients to keep them in good condition longer. Bottles with adhesive ingredients are #2 Base Coat and #4 Top Coat.

💡 TIP: Keep you Brush-On-Caps & bottles cleaned => Always clean the brush-on-cap on a nail wipe before putting it back into your bottles.

💡 TIP: Always use a soft dusting brush to remove the excess of powder off the nails, before following onto the next step.

📍Products should never touch the skin & must finish away from the skin. Nail Products are made to be applied ONLY on the NAIL's surface ~ NOT on the cuticle, NOT on the sidewalls! 💅🏻