Himalayan Salt Lamp Size Guide

If you’re a regular reader of this blog then no doubt you already know about all the wonderful ways that a Himalayan salt lamp can better your life, but even if you’re well aware of the health benefits, you might not know the best ways to judge which size salt lamp will work for each of the areas in your home or office so we've created this handy Himalayan Salt Lamp Size Guide to help.

A Himalayan salt lamp is a wonderful way to improve the ambience in any room and not just because it looks beautiful! The lamp will literally improve the quality of the air you’re breathing. As the lamp warms it will release negative ions which purify the air, removing dust particles and other pollutants present in the room.

Of course the size of the salt crystal in your Himalayan salt lamp has an impact on the effectiveness of your lamp, and for best results the size of the lamp should correspond with the size of the area you are trying to cleanse. The larger the lamp, the larger the radiant area of the negative ions.

A good rule of thumb is to have a 1 kilogram lamp for every 10 square meters of space in the room. In real life terms that means:

2-4kg lamp - 20 - 40sqm - A workstation or small treatment room
4-6kg lamp - 40 - 60sqm - A small bedroom or standard office
6-8kg lamp - 60 - 80sqm - A small living area or medium sized bedroom
10-13kg lamp - 100 - 130sqm - An average sized living area or large bedroom
13-16kg lamp - 130 - 160sqm - A medium sized entertainment area or meeting room
20-25kg lamp - 200 - 250sqm - A large living area or a small to medium cafe or restaurant

It’s good to remember that although you might have a large area that could benefit from a cleansing, you don’t necessarily need one huge lamp, but instead can incorporate many small Himalayan salt lamps or tealights around the area instead to ensure that your home or office is getting even coverage.

Remember too, that a Himalayan salt lamp is not just a way to improve your air quality but is a fabulous way to deal with a huge range health concerns and physical problems including:

* Hay Fever
* Sleeplessness
* Asthma
* Chronic Fatigue
* Skin problems
* Respiratory Illnesses
* And, anxiety

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