How to repel insects naturally using essential oils!

We all have to deal with spiders, bugs and other creepy crawlies when it comes to keeping our homes clean and insect-free. Pest control usually means having to use harsh chemicals and sprays, which can leave a toxic residue throughout our homes.  Being constantly exposed to these pesticides can lead to a range of health issues, ranging from headaches and nausea right down to nerve damage and systemic poisoning.

It’s a little scary to think about it like that, especially for families with young kids. But what if there was a way to repel insects naturally, without any of the nasties?

This is where essential oils come in! Using essential oils to repel insects is a completely natural and effective way to keep our homes clean without having to introduce any harmful toxins. If you’re struggling to deal with insects this season, read on for our top tips on keeping them away using essential oils!

Which essential oils are best to repel flying insects?

When it comes to pesky flying insects like flies and mosquitoes, essential oils can be used to repel them naturally both indoors and outdoors.

The best essential oils to repel flying insects include:






How to use essential oils to repel flying insects

* A diffuser is the perfect way to permeate the air with a blend of these essential oils to keep flying insects at bay. Add a couple of drops of each oil to your chosen diffuser - not only will the insects be naturally repelled, but your home will smell fresh and incredible!

*You can also create your own insect repellent spray for screen doors and other affected areas - simply fill a spray bottle with half a cup of water and 20 drops of lemongrass oil. Insects are repelled by the scent of lemongrass, so spray the mixture on doors, walls and windows.

*For outdoor use, a natural anti-bug oil can help to protect your skin against mosquitoes and fleas. Combine 30ml of fractionated coconut oil with 12 drops of lavender oil and rub gently into your skin for all-over protection! For use on children, use only 6 drops of lavender oil.

Which essential oils are best to repel crawling insects?

For creepy crawlies like spiders, cockroaches and ants, the best essential oils to keep handy are:







How to use essential oils to repel crawling insects

*For spiders and roaches, dab a cotton ball with a few drops of peppermint oil and wipe across any entry points like door and window frames as a natural repellent.

*To control ants, a blend of clove, orange and lemon is best as these oils are actually completely toxic to them. Mix ⅓ cup of water with ⅔ of white vinegar in a spray bottle, and combine this with 15 drops each of clove, orange and lemon. Use this spray directly on the ants whenever you have an infestation (but be sure to keep away from contact with human skin).

Pest control doesn’t have to mean nasty chemicals and toxins. Simply keep the above tips in mind to repel insects the natural way using essential oils for a happier, healthier home!

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