• 5 of the Best Essential Oil Blends for Kids!

    Looking for the best essential oil blends for kids? Aromatherapy has some wonderful benefits for the children in your life. Essential oils can be used to calm your little one, support a healthy immune system, and even improve focus and concentration.

    Not sure where to begin? From promoting better sleep right down to clearing stuffy noses, keep reading for 5 of our favourite essential oil blends for kids below!

  • How to Use Essential Oils for Kids!

    Essential oils can have many wonderful benefits for kids - from helping them relax to improving sleep and helping them focus! However, if you’re looking to introduce essential oils and aromatherapy to your little ones, it’s important to do it safely. 

    Not sure where to begin? Read on for our guide on using essential oils for kids below.

  • Aromatherapy Crafts for Kids: DIY Playdough and Bath Bombs

    Looking for some fun activities to entertain your kids at home? Crafts are a great way to engage and stimulate your kids through the power of play.

    To inspire you with some ideas, keep reading as we show you how to create aromatherapy play dough and bath bombs using essential oils and natural ingredients.

  • 10 Essential Oil Hacks for Busy Parents!

    There’s no doubt that being a parent is extremely rewarding, but let’s be honest. It also comes hand in hand with lack of sleep, build up of household chores, messy stains and stress - just to name a few!

    Sometimes a helping hand is needed, and we love using essential oils at home for everything from head lice to cleaning and immunity support.

    Keep reading for 10 essential oil hacks to make life easier for busy parents!